As our services are a process and we pride ourselves on our technical ability, transparency and communication skills, whether you are technically minded or not we speak our language. We are with our customers through every step of a project; through development to deliver specific solutions and support to ensure availability and stability.

Our Magento Services


We're a trusted source of expertise to international multichannel retailers. We work with customers to identify problems and design solutions.
A successful project starts with a strong partnership which is built by trust and transparency. First, we get to know your brand and your business goals. Then, we work together to design solutions that deliver measurable value, optimize business processes and leverage the full capabilities of Magento Enterprise. Whether you need to assess the feasibility of a new Magento-based solution, or reach an impasse with their current solution and need guidance on how to move forward, we can help.
Magento Enterprise Consultancy

  • Solutions Architecture
  • Code Reviews
  • Feasibility Studies
  • Infrastructure Audits

We truly understand Magento, multichannel and ecommerce. We develop robust systems for delivering elegant, scalable solutions to complex customer requirements.
Our development method is based on transparency, communication and defined milestones. Because of this, our customers trust in our ability to deliver extensible, scalable solutions. We do all the things you'd expect of an enterprise-focused development house; we use Subversion to store incremental versions of development changes and an automated deployment process for development, staging and production environments. We create defined, measurable projects that are divided into distinct work packages. These are broken down into appropriate cases in our bug tracking system, giving our Project Managers a clear basis on which to deliver updates to customers.
Our Process

  • Internal Coding Standards, Zend, W3C
  • Daily "Scrum" Meetings
  • Versioning (SVN)
  • Sprints
  • Continuous and Automated Testing
  • Performance Testing Post-deployment

We are committed to excellence, from both a technical and delivery point of view. The senior development team and management team meet regularly to review potential improvements to our processes - ultimately benefitting our customers.

We have a robust, testable framework for systems integrations. We work with customers and industry partners to build and integrate multichannel systems.
We have built a powerful framework for Magento integrations that allows us to develop robust, transactional interactions with other service providers. Using this framework we can extend, support and upgrade users of our modules. The framework also provides our customers with real-time transactional message history for all systems. We regularly build enterprise resource planning (ERP), customer relationship management (CRM) and payment gateway integrations as part of larger solutions for our customers, and have exclusive agreements with a number of service providers to develop and support Magento integration modules for their APIs .
What Client Says
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