HTML5 sets a very exciting move towards a better user experience supported natively for users on PCs, Tablet and Smartphone platforms. Being simple, It is very appealing to large audience of web developers & users alike, as it enhances the surfing experience by providing interactive content, advanced client-server communication channels, greater semantics, multimedia content delivery & much more. HTML5 is now supported over all major browsers such as Internet Explorer, Firefox, Safari, Google Chrome and Opera.

What we provide:-

Delivering Interactive & Usable HTML5 Solutions

Our comprehensive framework powered by HTML5, Javascript & CSS3, built on the experience delivering solutions to various industry segments, ensures that your functionality, interactivity & object behavior are migrated seamlessly for wider content consumption. We structure, present and enrich your applications content with powerful HTML5 features such as drag and drop editing, user-interface, canvas graphics, CSS transforms, geo-location, multimedia components and much more. We also specialize in Flash to HTML5 Conversion. Our HTML5 developers equipped with in-depth subject knowledge & ample HTML5 services exposure are well versed in developing niche content including HTML5 Apps & Mobile websites that adheres to all standards & is accessible across all mobile platforms.
Rich Experience

Our expertise team of RIA understands how interactive content should be delivered across devices including smart phones, tablets and traditional PCs. Our rich media experience & integrated solutions portfolio helps us to transform the customer's content value chain
Domain Expertise

With our strong domain understanding & technology expertise, the HTML5 services framework adheres to content standards & supports various fundamental interactive behaviors like programmed workflows, directional information, enhanced content menus, drag & drop functions, multimedia content delivering, spirited animations amongst several others.
Delivery Capability

Our team adds value by providing wireframes & designs that illustrates the optimum approach to deliver the content across disparate set of platforms & devices. AS Websmart practices streamlined, production-driven processes that complement our HTML5 services capability, thus enabling quality & cost-effective objects to be delivered faster to the market by promoting reusability & optimization.
What Client Says
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